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Youth Activity

Youth Activity

Camping outdoors   


Strengthen relationships, have fun with drinking lemon tea recipe and learning skills in outdoor environments.


Plan and conduct camping trips (this can be more than one night). Invite teenagers to plan-location, meals, activities, tools, spiritual experiences, and so on. During camping, help teens learn a new skill (such as safety from fire, fishing, outdoor survival, and so on). Include fun and spiritual activities. For Church policy on overnight activities, see Handbook 2, 13.6.12.

Consider helping youth prepare for camping trips by teaching them basic camping skills before you leave. Ideas may include:

    How to make a fire to cook safely.

    How to install and dismantle the tent.

    How to prepare and cook food outdoors.

    Basic first aid.

    How to stay safe outdoors (pairing system, what to do if you get lost, and so on).

    Appropriate clothing for the climate and environment.

    How to respect the environment and wildlife.

Cross nature


Enjoy and ponder the wonders of Allah’s creation.


Go hiking or hiking to explore and enjoy the beauty of Heavenly Father’s creation. Give teens a chance to reflect on their feelings and think about the world Heavenly Father has given us. Invite teenagers to record their thoughts in their journals.

Preserve the environment outside the home


Learn to honor, respect, and care for the earth given to us.


Discusses the importance of being a good steward of natural resources (see Genesis 1: 28-30). After getting approval, do a conservation or recovery project, such as cleaning up garbage, planting trees, or clearing trails on campsites. This can be an ongoing activity whenever a teenager does something outdoors. For example, if you have activities in the park, teenagers can clean up the garbage for 15 minutes before they start the activity.

Cooking outdoors


Learn how to prepare food outdoors.


Collect teenagers in the outdoor environment to learn to make a safe cooking fire, cooking with a pot, or cooking on a campfire. Invite teenagers to showcase their new skills by cooking food or treats for everyone to enjoy. Share your favorite food plan or recipe for use in outdoor gatherings or camps in the future. Consider doing something to beautify the area and serve the community while there, like picking up trash, and discussing our responsibility to nurture God’s creations.



Learn to enjoy physical activity and be closer to God as you appreciate the beauty of His creations.


Organize a series of activities to prepare for a safe and fun fishing trip. This activity may take several weeks. A quorum member or class and consultant who is knowledgeable from the ward, stake, or community can lead the activity. For each activity, consider including something to invite the influence of the Holy Ghost. For example, you can invite a member to share experiences, testify, or teach a principle before the activity begins.

 Introduction to fishing. Learn about the right supplies and clothing for fishing. Also, check or check out any first aid related to fishing.

    Catch and cook fish. Learn about fishing methods and how to prepare your eyes and fishing lines. Practice tying knots and throwing. Learn how to set up hooks and clean and cook fish.

    Travel plan and packing list. Together with the group, develop a detailed travel plan, including destination statement, complete travel plans, emergency contact information, and maps. Prepare a packing list. Also, prepare for reflection and plan time for individuals to pray and study the scriptures.

    Fishing trip. Travelling. Use the skills learned in preparatory activities for travelers.

If applicable, allow youth to practice these skills in a friendly competition. For example, you can divide the teen into several groups and see who can put up the fastest tent or hold a Mutual activity where young men and young women cook for each other outdoors.

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