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How do teachers search for plagiarism?

How do teachers search for plagiarism?

How do teachers search for plagiarism?

Probably all responsible students know how to check plagiarism online. But the question remains, how do the teachers check plagiarism. Is it the same way as students?

Students might find it very interesting to know how their professors, lecturers and teachers find plagiarism. Furthermore, fellow teachers and academic peers could also make use of this article because here we will show the most common ways how do teachers search for plagiarism and how do they find it.

It all begins with you handing in your paper, essay, report, thesis etc. Once they get to checking it – they probably read through it and analyse it. Now hand-written content makes plagiarism search and finding plagiarism very difficult. Mainly because mechanical comparisons and checking take enormous amounts of times and partially because all of the sources and data is stored in digital servers or clouds. Having covered that we can move on to the three layers of detecting plagiarism.

First layer is the least effective and most primitive of the lot – “Face control”. Throughout their years of experience and reading numerous related documents educators can spot oddities or similarities. These cause an alarm and they progress to confirm or deny their suspicions. They do it by using software which can conduct plagiarism search. Mainly these are either specifically designed and adapted academic applications or solutions provided by external third-parties. The latter are becoming more and more popular in the world today. One of the most popular plagiarism detection tools today is Plagramme. Plagramme has over 14 trillion sources which are compared and lined up against your paper. To think that anyone could get away with plagiarism nowadays is simply blasphemous. The final third layer is delegating this task to responsible authorities or representatives.

So, we hope we answered your question on how do professors find plagiarism in your papers.

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